Legal protection services of intellectual property

Protected technical solutions include equipment, methods, substances and combinations thereof, which are globally novel, do not, in the opinion of the one skilled in the art, clearly follow from the existing solutions and are feasible. Technical solutions can be protected in Estonia as patents or utility models.

In preparing the protection application the technical description and drawings of the developed solution are followed from. Preparing and filing the registration application of the patent application or utility model includes the following pursuant to the requirements prescribed by the law:

a) Preparing the description of an invention, incl.:

- determining the field of technology that the solution belongs to and the description;

- preparing the description of the state of the art, i.e. closest known solutions, whereas indicating discovered deficiencies of earlier similar solutions;

- describing the subject matter and purpose of the invention;

- describing the drawings;

- describing the exemplary embodiments.

b) Preparing the claims;

c) Preparing abstract in Estonian and English;

d) Preparing the drawings;

e) Filling in the standard documents necessary for submitting protection application; payment of fees; filing the protection application.



Legal protection of trademarks

Names and logos of products and services can be protected as trademarks and service marks to distinguish between goods of similar type. This includes also business names, slogans, etc.


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