Patent, trademark, design and other information searches

We provide the following searches related to the industrial property (incl. patents, trademarks, designs, etc.) information:


  • background survey of companies and research institutions, e.g. market information or cooperation possibilities;
  • competitors’ operations; for market search;
  • state of the art and fields of technology searches;
  • region searches;
  • freedom to operate serches;
  • citation searches;
  • patentability searches;
  • mapping intellectual property objects in an organisation;
  • mapping, reviewing and continuous monitoring of the intellectual property protected earlier by others in the required field;
  • monitoring of the intellectual property
  • trademark searches.

NB! Sarap and Partners Patent Agency assumes no liability for the accuracy of data provided in the databases used for searches and in the consequences resulting from using or not using the data!



Patent searches

*We perform searches based on industrial property (incl. patents, trademarks, designs, domain names), research & technology and business information for product and technology development, for collecting market and business information and for protecting intellectual property.*

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Trademark searches

The search is performed in up to three product and service areas. Primary areas include Estonian, European Community, USA and international trademark databases, regarding to if, by whom and how many similar trademarks have been registered earlier in given areas or are being registered.

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