Other consultation regarding intellectual property

We provide various support services related to intellectual property, incl. consultations in case of market research, competition analysis, business plan, contract and other analyses regarding the intellectual property rights; consultations with regard to intellectual property issues in a contract for joint activity, preparing contracts of employment and contracts for services, contracts for confidentiality; consultations in case of research and development activities that have led to the creation of intellectual property; consultations in case of disputes and other cases.


In companies’ business and development activities we help with:


  • mapping the objects of intellectual property in a company;
  • performing an overview of protected intellectual property;
  • observing the intellectual property objects in given field;
  • analysing the protection possibilities of the development project results;
  • analysing the consistency with the company’s intellectual property protection strategy in case of market research, competition analysis, technology research, business plan, etc.;
  • preparing the plan of using, distributing and commercialising the intellectual property existing and being created in a company.



For more information, please contact:
Margus Sarap, margus.sarap( A )patent.ee

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