Introduction of Sarap & Partners Patent Agency and patent attorneys

The Patent Agency Sarap & Partners was founded by Margus Sarap in 2008, after 15 years of work in the sphere of industrial property. At the end 2009, Sarap and Partners Patent Agency and Patent Agency NotaBene (former Tehnoloogiauuringute OÜ), founded at the end of 2007 by Mikk Putk and partners, merged. The goal of the merger of two patent agencies was a desire to provide to our clients an even more professional counselling in the filing and proceeding of legal protection applications, providing various patent surveys and other services, which help the entrepreneurs to better navigate in the industrial property environment.


 Margus Sarap
European patent and trademark attorney, managing partner

Phone: +372 747 7058

E-mail: margus.sarap(A)

Skype: bodsusms

Worked in the sphere of intellectual property since 1993. Certified Estonian patent attorney since 2000 and European patent agent since 2002.

Experience in preparing and filing Estonian, European and international (PCT) patent and utility model applications. PCT national stages experience, including in Europe, Eurasia, USA, Russia, Japan and other countries. Long-term experience in representing clients in the European Patent Office, including preparing and submitting applications, answering to the experts’ inquiries, enforcement of European patents in member states, preparing complaints.

Representing clients in Estonian courts in utility models and patent disputes.

Member of the European Patent Institute (EPI), member of the EPI Council and Board; EPI tutor; Member of the Association of the Estonian Patent Attorneys.

Participated in training programmes in Denmark, USA, Germany.


 Mikk Putk
Patent attorney and patent searcher, partner

Phone: +372 53 039 088  

E-mail: mikk.putk(A)

Skype: mikkputk

LinkedIn: mikkputk

Twitter: @mikk_IPR

Worked in the field of intellectual property since 2002. Certified Estonian patent attorney since 2006.

Experience in preparing, filing and enforcing patent applications; preparing trademark and design registration applications; in intellectual property related disputes and managing IP portfolios. Specialized in patent, trademark, design information search and counseling in questions related to the intellectual property protection strategy, management and commercialization. Has performed thousands of hours of searches (including prior art, freedom to operate, novelty, market, company and other studies and analyses on the basis of patent, trademark and design information sources).

Has participated in preparing Enterprise Estonia research and technology development projects; European Framework Program (FP7), EUROSTARS and other international R&D project applications. (Over twenty FP7 and Eurostars applications). Has developed several professional tools for performing information searches related to industrial property. Student member of European Patent Institute (EPI); member of Patent Information User Group (PIUG) and Estonian Patent Attorneys Association.

Participated in training programmes in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK.

Latest news

Our virtual office

Finally our virtual office is available in English. Our goal is to provide our English speaking costumers with the intellectual property information about requirements in Estonia, Europe (EPO, OHIM) and WIPO.
We will try to write short news articles if something will change in legislation or rules.

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